249C (Cream)

Inside – Outside Paint for Tyre

Product Name : IPRA–249C

Application : IPRA–249C is a water based, filled inside tire lubricant.
When properly applied to the in inside of the green tire,
this product provides excellent lubrication between the bladder and the green tire.

Advantages :

– Viscosities prevents dripping and running during application, when properly applied.
– This product will not becoming bad smell since this product is well preserved with a biocide and without containing formaldehyde.

Specification :
– Appearance : Light Cream Thick Liquid (color can be adjusted).
– Density (kg/l, gr/cc) : ± 1.1
– % Solids : ± 40 %
– Viscosity (@ 30°C) : ± 2.5 dPa.S

Usage : It can be applied by spray at ambient temperatures up to 40°C .
Coating weight will vary depending on the process.
In some cases it also can be used by brushing.

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