RUBALOY is a Poly-Blend manufactured by Imperial Water-Proofing Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India. NBR-PVC as the name suggests is a blend of Acrylontirile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). NBR and PVC are compatible in any ratio; they however, maintain their critical individual properties while improving the overall properties of the blend.

The excellent compatibility of NBR and PVC allows the creation of a wide range of grades, making a variety of physical properties/specifications, achievable. This permits the construction of finer, stronger materials with unique properties.

Products made from any grade of Rubaloy exhibit exceptional fuel, oil, solvent and abrasion resistance. Specialty grades offer unique properties such as low temperature resistance, extremely low hardness, fire retardancy, anti-static properties as well as the ability to produce light weight micro-cellular products.


Gaskets, Oil/Fuel seals, O-ring, Grommets, Diaphramsm, Bellows, Wind-shield wipers, Automative seals and profiles,Automotive handle grips, Automotive mats, Automotive weather strips, Automotive hoses, Microcellular sheets for insulation, Cable-shethings, Rice rollers, Low and high hardness printing rollers, Industrial hoses, Fuel-C and Fuel-D resistant hoses, LPG hoses and tubes, Air-intake hoses, Safety shoe soles, Conveyer belt covers, Anti-static floor coverings, Rubber flooring and tiles, Chemical and sea water resistant sheets, CNG and LPG rubber parts, Low temperature resistant products, Hydroulic hoses, Fire hoses, Flame retardant product, Cable shethings

Available Grades

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