PBR 1712 Dae Oil

PBR 1712 Dae Oil

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)

Reliance Stylamer SBR 1712

Reliance Stylamer SBR1712 is a synthetic rubber product manufactured by the emulsion polymerization of styrene and butadiene
in low temperature. SBR has more consistent quality than natural rubber and excellent heat and wear resistance, making it widely
used for tires, shoes, and industrial goods.

Oil-extended styrene butadiene synthetic rubber SBR-1712 HI-AR is essentially a styrene (23.5%) and butadiene (76.5%)
copolymer obtained by emulsification method with the use of resin/fatty soaps. The copolymer is filled with oil HI-AR.

– Tires
– Shoes
– Rubber hoses
– Automotive parts

– Excellent process ability
– Better heat and wear resistance than natural rubber


TestUnitTest MethodValue
Mooney Viscosity (Massed)ML(1+4)100’CASTM D 164645.0-55.0
VolatilesWt%ASTM D 5668-C0.5 Max
Ash ContentWt%ASTM D 5667-A0.5 Max
Organic AcidsWt%ASTM D 57744.0-6.0
SoapsWt%ASTM D 57740.3 Max
Oil ContentphrASTM D 577437.5
ETA ExtractWt%ASTM D 577430.0-35.0
Bound StyreneWt%ASTM D 577422.5-24.5


Compounded MooneyML(1+4)100’CASTM D 164665.0

Physical Properties (Curing: 35 min @ 145’C)

Tensile StrengthMPaASTM D 41222.0
Elongation at Break%ASTM D 412530
Modulus at 300% ElongationMPaASTM D 41210.5

Rheological Properties-MDR-(160’C/0.5′ arc/100 cpm/30 min)

Minimun Torque ML dN.m ASTM D 5289 2.3
Minimun Torque MH dN.m ASTM D 5289 13.2
TS1 Minutes ASTM D 5289 4.4
TS2 Minutes ASTM D 5289 6.0
T50 Minutes ASTM D 5289 7.7
T90 Minutes ASTM D 5289 13.0

Stylamer is emulsion grade Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) from Relflex’s elastomer range. SBR is one of the highest consumed synthetic rubbers in the world due to its versatility, enhanced abrasion resistance.
Some of the major applications of E-SBR include passenger car and light truck tyres and truck tyre retreads. It is also preferred in applications such as conveyor belts, shoe soles, V-belts, moulded rubber goods etc. It is also extensively used in the manufacture of other products such as extruded gaskets, hoses, brake & clutch pads, automobile mats, flooring, rubber toys and adhesives among others.

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