Typical properties of Raw Polymer
Polymer Ratio70:30
Specific Gravity1.05 ± 0.02
Raw Polymer Hardness, Shore A55± 5
Mooney Viscosity (ML 1 + 4 @ 100° C)60 ± 5
Extraction Percentage, Min.10

Product Information Grade
Rubaloy – 73 is a low cosnon-staining NBR / PVC blend in the ratio of 70:30 Acrylonitrile Butadiene, Poly vinyl Chloride, Di-Octyl Pthalate. Other additives are blended to obtain a very high oil, ozone and abrasion resistant polymer. It is specially designed to prevent scorching even at higher compouding temperatures.

Processing Characteristics
Can be easily processed on open mixing mill, kneader, intermix or Banbury. Compounding at elevated temperatures will not scorch the product. All polar plasticizers are compatible.

Replaces most Polychloroprene (Neoprene) based products. Can also be used in hoses, hose covers, LPG tubing, antistatic shoe soles and floorings, textile cots and aprons, hospital sheeting etc.

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