Typical properties of Raw Polymer
Polymer Ratio70:30
Specific Gravity1.08 ± 0.02
Raw Polymer Hardness, Shore A60± 5
Mooney Viscosity (ML 1 + 4 @ 100° C)55 ± 5
Extraction Percentage, Min.9

Product Information Grade
Rubaloy – FLRT is a blend of Acrylonitrile Butadiene co-polymer with pretreated Poly Vinyl Chloride having special flame retardant properties and low temperature flex resistance. This grade is an excellent Chloroprene (Neoprene) and EPDM substitute. Rubaloy-FRLT has very high Ozone, Oil, Weather, Flex and abrasion resistance. Rubaloy – FRLT can be ideally used for producing Extruded Tubes and Profiles, Gaskets, Expanded Foam (sponge) and Sheets. Die swelling is minimum. The products will have an excellent, smooth finish and sharper edges. Rubaloy – FRLT based compounds can be blended with NBR, HNBR, chloroprene, CSM(hypalon) based compounds.
Rubaloy – FRLT is not recommended for adhesives.

Processing Characteristics
Can be very easily processed on conventional rubber processing machines. Compounding cycle is short due to quick filler and plasticizer absorption, thus highly time and cost effective compared to most other conventional rubbers. Can easily withstand elevated compounding temperatures.

Products specified for flame-retarding and low temperature resistance properties e.g. Air conditioner hoses, door seals, LPG tubing, hoses, covers, explosives tubings, moulded products, electrical parts, fuse boxes, conveyor belt covers, etc.

25 Kgs bags.

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