Typical properties of Raw Polymer
Polymer Ratio60:40
Specific Gravity1.05 ± 0.02
Raw Polymer Hardness, Shore A30± 5
Mooney Viscosity (ML 1 + 4 @ 100° C)25 ± 5
Extraction Percentage, Min.70

Product Information Grade
Rubaloy – SS is a unique blend of Nitrile Rubber and Poly vinyl Chloride with a very high percentage of Plasticizers, etc. Test reports have proved that Rubaloy – SS has extremely good processing qualities. It has a unique low hardness quality with extremely good physical properties. Handling, cutting and weighing of Rubaloy – SS is easy as it comes in soft sheets, thus saving on time, cost and labour.

Processing Characteristics
Rubaloy – SS can be easily processed on conventional Rubber mixing/compounding machines. It has excellent filler and plasticizer absorption properties and can withstand elevated, compounding temperatures.

Since Rubaloy – SS has a very low polymer hardness not found in NBR / PVC blends. It has unique advantage to manufacture low hardness printing rollers, molded articles, low density foam, soft pipes, tubes and hoses.

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