Description: mercaptan modified chloroprene rubber with medium crystallization rate. The density is 1.23. It has good heat resistance and stability at elevated temperature.

It is similar to Denka’s M-120 and Du Pont’s Neoprene WHV


  1. For making chloroprene adhesives
  2. For making various light-colored rubber product such as seals, dust covers, rubber covered rollers, linings, hose, coating wires, cables, belts and pipes.

Appearance: Milk white chips.


Mooney (ML 1+4 100 C)90-120
Mooney Scorch (MS t5, min)≥ 11 minutes
Tensile strength≥ 12 MPa
Modulus at 500%2-7 MPa
Elongation at break≥ 750 %
Volatile matter≤ 1.2 %
Ash content≤ 1.2 %
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