MILASTOMER™ is a Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) elastomer, derived from olefin-based rubber and polyolefin resin. MILASTOMER™ TPVs offer the sustainability benefits of a polyolefin with the durability and flexibility of a vulcanized rubber. Produced with the olefin polymerization and synthetic rubber technology of Mitsui Chemicals, MILASTOMER™ does not require compounding or vulcanization. It is a thermoplastic resin that can be extruded, or molded into flexible parts. MILASTOMER™ is available in standard black, or in natural grades that can be easily colored.

MILASTOMER™ key performance benefits:

          Light Weight – density less than 900 kg/m3
Heat Resistance – Higher softening temperature than other elastomers
Rubber Elasticity – Deformation recovery superior to vulcanized rubber in long-term compression set
Weatherability – MILASTOMER™ B (black) grades may be used outdoors over the long-term
Secondary Processing – Outstanding vacuum forming, thermal adhesiveness, and coating performance

Rubber Hardness Comparsion

          There are many grades of MILASTOMER™ available, ranging from flexible grades comparable to vulcanized rubber to semi hard grades comparable to low density polyethylene. Grades of MILASTOMER™ are available with unique characteristics, to suit specific applications.

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