0045 (EPM: 0% diene)

EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Rubber)

Mitsui EPT 0045 is EPDM with low Mooney viscosity which is designed for excellent mixing processability,
extrudability and heat aging resistance.
This grade is suitable for heat resistant electric wires, heat resistant belts and electrical parts of automotive when it is crosslinked with peroxide.
It is also suitable for improvement of heat aging resistance when blended with other EPDM.

– Heat resistant belts

• Low Mooney viscosity
• Low ethylene content
• Broad molecular weight distribution and ethylene distribution
• Relatively high green strength

• Excellent mixing processability
• Excellent extrudability in compounding with low loading fillers and color compounding
• Excellent heat aging resistance

Typical Polymer                      Test MethodValue
Mooney Viscosity  ML(1+4) 100 CASTM D 164640
Polymer Composition, mass % EthyleneASTM D 390051
Diene Typenone


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