EVA (Ethylene-vinylacetate)

Ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate which an extremely elastic and tough thermoplastic of excellent clarity and gloss and with little odor.
EVA has many attractive properties including
1. Low cost
2. Excellent adhesion to many polar and nonporous substrates
3. Good flex-crack and puncture resistance
4. Good hot-tack and heat-sealing.

Taisox 7350M is an ethylene/vinylene acetate copolymer. This product is manufactured by the high-pressure process. By incorporating vinyl acetate (VA) into the ethylene chain, the high-pressure process produces co-polymerization to EVA. Taisox 7350M is a general-purpose for X-linked foam shoes, mid-sole, gaskets. It provides good chemical resistance, excellent elasticity, and high flexible properties.


PropertiesUnitsTest MethodTypical Value
Melt Index MI2.16g/10minASTM D12382.5
Densityg/cm3ASTM D15050.938
Vinyl Acetate content%FPC method18
Thermal properties   
Melting point°CDSC84
Brittleness point°CASTM D746<-70
Softening point°CASTM ASTM D74660
Mechanical properties   
Tensile strength at yieldKg/cm2ASTM D63845
Tensile strength at breakKg/cm2ASTM D638150
Elongation at break%ASTM D638800
HardnessShore AASTM D224088
HardnessShore DASTM D224038
  • Data shown are average values and should not be examined for specifications

25Kg/paper bag or bulk bag

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