Typical properties of Raw Polymer
Polymer Ratio50:50
Specific Gravity1.07 ± 0.02
Raw Polymer Hardness, Shore A50± 5
Mooney Viscosity (ML 1 + 4 @ 100° C)50± 5
Extraction Percentage, Min.37

Product Information Grade
Rubaloy – 2530 is a unique blend of Oil Extended Nitrile Rubber and Polyvinyl Chloride with a very high percentage of Plasticizers, etc. Test reports have proved that Rubaloy-2530 has excellent processing qualities. This grade has substantial tensile strength, especially considering the total percentage of plasticizer that has been infused into it. This grade is also resistant to solvents and mild acids, which makes it ideal for printing rollers. Handling, cutting and weighing of Rubaloy-SS is easy as it comes in soft sheets, thus saving on time, cost and labour.

Processing Characteristics
Rubaloy-2530 can be easily processed on conventional rubber mixing/compounding machines. It has excellent filler and plasticizer absorption properties and can withstand elevated compounding temperatures.

Sulphur or peroxide curing is recommended for Rubaloy – 2530. It has improved curing properties as compared to other similar polymers. A slightly higher dosage of accelerators is recommended.

Since Rubaloy-2530 has a relatively low polymer hardness, not found in NBR/PVC Blends it has a unique advantage to manufacture low hardness printing rollers, moulded articles, low density foam, soft pipes, tubes and hoses.

25 Kgs bags.

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